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week 1


Math + Logic

Your Second Assignment


1. Start thinking like a computer

2. Reintroduce math + logic

Now we're going to begin learning about the more left-brained side of the course.  We will be presenting logic concepts related to coding that will help you prepare for the coming weeks ahead.  

Declaring and changing variables

Alright, this is for all the people that graduated/left school and thought, "when will I ever need Math again?"  Well, that moment is now.  So, let's drive into it!  I promise it doesn't bite.

Let's start from the basics.  Here are some cats in Japanese apparel:



Bingo Mango

Sassy Mao

We have Ronin, Jade, Bingo Mango, and Sassy Mao.  They're all good friends.  Ronin thinks she was a mermaid in a previous life, and wants to be called Ariel.  What does Ronin do?  

Jade: Hi Ronin!

Ronin:  My name is not Ronin anymore.  It is Ariel.